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Knox Configure 1.15 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Knox Configure (KC)

DeX mode configuration

DeX mode configuration is now available with Knox Configure on devices running Knox version 3.2 or higher. Samsung DeX is a unique product that lets you use your phone as if it were a desktop computer. Both Setup and Dynamic edition Knox Configure profiles are supported, but not ProKiosk mode profiles.


The following device platforms support DeX mode with Knox Configure:

  • Phones — S8/S8+, Note8, S9/S9+, Note9 ~ (flagship only)
  • Tablets — Tab S4

Supported features include:

  • Home screen customization
  • Clear default shortcuts
  • Ability to add shortcuts for apps and URLs
  • Ability set wallpaper for home and lock screens
  • Auto launch specific apps when DeX mode starts
  • Disable DeX mode as well as apps in DeX mode

EULA updates available after profile submission

To date, a customer cannot update the Terms & Conditions portion of their EULA after a profile is configured and applied to the device.  With this release, revisions to the Terms & Conditions are now available after the profile is applied to the device.

Additional terms and conditions

The language in the console’s EULA section is also revised, and now mentions that you can add your own terms and conditions and/or privacy policy.

No reboot required for entering ProKiosk mode

With this feature, a device reboot is no longer required to enter into ProKiosk mode when enrolling in Knox Configure or conducting a push update. This feature is only supported on devices running Knox version 3.2 or above. Only a Knox Configure device agent update is required to implement this feature.

Disable specific app components

This feature addresses customer requests to disable their native Samsung device Contacts app and use a third-party Contacts app as an alternative if they so desired. This provides greater flexibility and addresses customer concern for flexibility beyond Samsung’s default device options.

Prevent specific apps from stopping/closing

This feature addresses requests to prevent specific apps from closing or stopping for purposes such as battery savings.

Prevent apps from being stopped

With this feature, both the system and device user are prohibited from closing or stopping the listed app.

This feature is supported with Dynamic edition Knox Configure profiles.

Traditional Chinese language (繁體中文) console support

To date, Knox Configure’s Chinese language support did not extend beyond Simplified Chinese.

Traditional Chinese

However, Taiwanese customers have requested the Knox Configure console support Traditional Chinese characters (繁體中文) as well.

This Knox Configure release includes Traditional Chinese amongst the list of supported console languages.

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