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Knox Configure 1.7 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

This support provides an extension of the existing Samsung Enterprise Edition devices available to use Knox Configure. Knox Configure now supports Note 8 Enterprise Edition devices in Germany and the USA. To date, only S8 has been supported. This new Note 8 support is retroactive to the DS 1.6 release.

Widget customization enhancements

To best display widgets on a device’s home screen, widget related information is now extractable from the APK for “in-house” apps (non Google Play store apps). Extracted widget properties include minHeight, minWidth, minResizeWidth, minResizeHeight, and resizeMode.

When uploading in-house apps, a preview image extracts and displays.

Widget customization

Enrollment enhancements

This enhancement addresses our IT admins’ request to have the device end user complete KC enrollment without touching the device’s “FINISH” or “RESTART” button. To satisfy this request, the device’s FINISH button remains as it is today, but a new 5-second timer displays under it. If there is no input from user for 5 seconds, the device automatically moves to its home screen. In ProKiosk mode, a message will display stating the device will restart in 5 seconds, then reboot automatically.

New client side anti-fraud enhancement

This enhancement enables a device user to make a call to the phone number displayed in the device’s lock screen when they touch the number. Additionally, the device user can now send an email to an email address displayed in the lock screen when they touch the email address within the lock screen.

New restrictions available in ProKiosk mode to restrict specific URLs on device

This enhancement supports system integrators and IT admins who want to allow specific URLs in ProKiosk mode, and restrict specific URLs on an end user’s device.

URL restrictions

URLs must be start with http://, https://, or ftp:// to be allowed or blocked successfully using an application URL restriction.

The Applications field is mandatory for ProKiosk and normal mode profile support.

Locked device stats now display in Knox Configure’s Dashboard and Profile screens

To optimally report and display the number of locked devices in the Knox Configure portal, new column items and color codes are available within the portal’s Dashboard and Customization trend graph to visually report, trend and distinguish when devices are locked.

New Knox Deployment App (KDA) with Bluetooth enrollment support

To support Bluetooth enrollment, an IT admin can install the KDA on a dedicated admin (primary) device and select configuration profiles. A device user triggers Bluetooth enrollment by booting or factory resetting the device. If the user’s device is within proximity of the admin’s device, the user device connects to the admin device wirelessly via Bluetooth without a PIN or password requirement. The user enrolls using the profiles defined on the admin device. For more information, refer to the Knox Developers APP (KDA) User Guide.

With the new KDA in the Play Store, IT admins will no longer be able to add user credentials for automated sign-up to EMMs. To locate the KDA within the Play Store, search for Knox Deployment.

Wearable Knox Configure (WKC)

New APN configuration enhancements available

With this APN enhancement, IT admins can now set a wearable’s APN configuration Name, APN protocol (IPv4, IPv6) and MMSC. Once the APN configuration is added and applied, these variables display in the APN list.

IT admins can save content to a dedicated folder on wearable devices

This enhancement permits system integrators and IT admins to save content on their end users’ wearable device within a dedicated Contents folder. With this feature, an IT admin creates a dynamic or setup edition profile and selects files to save within the folder from the Knox Configure portal. The IT admin then associates devices with the profile. The IT admin then verifies the target files are saved within the wearable’s Contents folder.

Factory resets available on wearables

The existing factory reset option in the KC portal’s Actions menu is now available to KC enrolled wearable devices using a dynamic edition profile. This allows wearable devices, when need be, to be factory reset and enrolled again.

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