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Knox Configure 1.6 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Admins can now assign a profile to a previously configured device and update the device’s profile via a push notification. As a result, IT admins can now switch between different profiles with ease, whereas previously a device had to enroll again via a factory reset, URL, or Get Latest Profile button.

Push updates available without pressing FINISH or RESTART

A device profile push can be completed by the user pushing Finish or after a 5-second timer expiration. Beginning with this release, the FINISH and RESTART buttons still display, but there is a new 5-second timer under them to complete the action with less user input. If there is no user input after the 5-second countdown, the screen automatically moves to the device home screen or restarts. This feature reduces the labor required with large deployment profile pushes, where the FINISH or RESTART button must be selected on each device.

Device auto-power off on power disconnect

With the implementation of this enhancement, a new checkbox option is added into the Device Settings portion of the profile creation UX enabling admins to set device auto power off capability when a device is disconnected from its power source, regardless of the Knox version the device is utilizing.

Power off when disconnected

This enhancement is available for both setup and dynamic edition profiles. The existing Power on device when connected to a power source option works separately from the new profile power off option described here.

Device lock/unlock for anti-fraud

This feature enables carriers and resellers to lock down devices (if, for instance, a subscriber is delinquent in payment). If locked by Knox Configure, device status updates to Locked, and most device functions are locked. When a device locks, contact information (company name, phone number and Email) display within the lockscreen, but are editable by the admin.

When unlocked by Knox Configure, the device status updates to Configured. Devices can be unlocked in two ways:

  • An IT admin can unlock a device in the KC console
  • The user can input a provided password

Device lock

Wearable Knox Configure (WKC)

3G feature support added for WKC profiles

Beginning with this release, mobile data and data roaming can be set during WKC setup and dynamic profile creation for 3G devices. Dynamic edition profiles can have mobile data and roaming settings disabled and users can be prevented from changing mobile data and roaming settings as well.

3g support

APN support available for wearables (dynamic edition only)

Beginning with this release, APN support is available for dynamic and Kiosk mode WKC profiles. APN support provides a gateway between a carrier providing 2G, 3G, or 4G mobile network service and the wearable device. When configuring a WKC profile, an admin can define a new APN configuration, set a preferred APN resource, and edit or remove an existing APN configuration.

WiFi proxy settings manageable on wearables

IT admins and system integrators have requested improved management of Wi-Fi proxy device settings. In response, additional proxy settings have been added to the Default and Advanced Wi-Fi settings configurable within the profile Device Connectivity page. Additionally, the proxy address can now be entered in either IPv4 or IPv6 formats.

IT admins can now reset hardware key functions on wearables

To date, KC does not have an option to clear hardware key function settings. With DS 1.6, UX options are now available to wearable device clear back key and home key mappings within the Displays configuration of device profiles.

Remap hardware keys

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