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Knox Configure 1.5 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

A new version of Knox Configure is launching with DS 1.5 specifically designed for Samsung Gear Sport wearable devices. KC for wearables utilizes the Setup and Dynamic editions available with traditional Knox Configure, as well as numerous KC features unique to wearable devices and watch face applications. KC for wearables should be attractive to B2B customers who would like to adopt smart solutions to enhance performance, beyond the existing Knox Tizen SDK for Gear devices.


Widget customization on home screen

To date, customers have requested re-sizable and customizable widgets on their device home screen. With the DS 1.5 release, widgets can be customized, enabling IT admins to upload a widget to the KC server and select the uploaded widget. Once added, a widget can be custom sized on the home screen. This process uses a KC portal simulator to optimally represent the actual user experience. Widget customization in only supported on Knox version 2.8 or above, regardless of whether you are presented with an option on using this feature with Knox version 2.7.1.

Added customer feedback mechanism into KC portal

To better understand the needs of Samsung’s KC users, a Feedback page is now included within the portal allowing users to convey direct feedback, by subject and description, to a dedicated KC email distribution.

The user can optionally contact Samsung Knox Support directly from the Feedback page if their feedback issue requires Support escalation. Lastly, users can permit Samsung contact them directly for further dialogue regarding their feedback.


Reseller Portal

Internal references added for more robust customer searches

Resellers have requested internal references be added as additional customer information for more robust search capability. With the DS 1.5 release, an internal reference (when made available) displays next to the customer name within the Customers screen. An IT admin can enter the internal reference within the Reseller Portal search field to search for a reseller. When exporting customer data to CSV, the generated CSV file contains a Company name/Internal reference column just like the Customers screen.

Reseller portal

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