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Knox Configure 1.4 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

An activity log is now available allowing admins and system integrators to define a 6-month maximum trending period for capturing and archiving device profile changes filtered by admin or reseller, event type and category.

Actvity log

KC agent self-update capability

The KC agent now has the following self-update capabilities if a newer KC agent is detected:

  • If a device receives a push notification for a profile update, the KC agent self-checks for a new agent. If a newer agent is detected, the KC agent updates on the device and the KC agent configures the device with an updated profile.
  • If an end user tries to apply the latest profile, the KC agent auto-checks whether there is a newer version of the agent. If there is a newer version, the KC agent auto updates. If a failure occurs, an agent update can be manually or automatically re-attempted until completed. Once completed, the KC agent configures the device with an updated profile.

ELM license activation for KC installed apps

KC now has the ability to activate an ELM license for those applications installed using KC. Additional enterprise applications installed using KC no longer need ELM license activation.

Ability to auto launch applications and content after device boot

An option has been added to launch selected apps and/or content immediately on every device boot.

Auto launch apps

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