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Knox Configure for Wearables 1.27 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

EAP for wearable devices

Prior to this release, customers were unable to deploy wearable devices in areas where enterprise Wi-Fi was required for internal communication. Customers have requested to connect to a staging profile, deploy a profile, exit Kiosk mode on the wearable, authenticate into an Enterprise Wi-Fi (EAP-PEAP), pull-down a certificate, then re-deploy a Kiosk supported profile. However, this is not practical for deployments supporting thousands of wearable devices.

With this release, admins can now create a profile and set its Advanced Wi-Fi setting’s security type to 802.1x EAP (using either PEAP or TTLs).

Admins can assign this profile to target devices to configure the deployment area’s access point (AP) resource with 802.1x EAP as a hidden state to enable Wi-Fi connectivity for configured devices.

This feature provides the ability to simultaneously provision a large number of EAP Wi-Fi supported wearable devices in for time and cost savings.

The following Advanced Wi-Fi setting security type is not yet supported in this release: TTLS + NONE, and TTLS + GTC

Download profile summary as a PDF

With this release, an authenticated user can now download profile summary settings as a PDF to easily review settings and to conveniently use the output to create profiles in other accounts.

The PDF output closely resembles the KC profile summary page that displays once a profile is configured and saved.

To generate a PDF output of the profile summary:

  1. Click Profiles from the left-hand navigation.

  2. Click the profile link of the target device.

  3. Once in the Profile configuration dashboard, click DOWNLOAD PROFILE SUMMARY AS A PDF.

    Profile as a PDF

Note that the PDF won’t exceed 5 MB and will have a UTC timestamp included once it’s downloaded.

Reassign devices to current license after renewal

To date, when a Knox Configure license expires, a profile is unassigned from its assigned device. However, customers often want to renew their existing license used by deployed devices, but when the license is renewed, customers are unable to re-assign their devices. Additionally, when an unassigned device is assigned a profile using a renewed license, the devices are consuming new seats even though they have activated the license before.

As part of this release, devices will no longer consume new license seats when re-assigned to profiles under the same license. However, devices will need to be manually re-assigned the license within the KC console. This feature enables customers to re-assign their unassigned devices to a provile and reuse the renewed license without consuming additional license seats for cost savings and efficiency.

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