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Knox Configure for Wearables 1.25 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Booting animation enhancements

Currently, when deselecting the Set a custom booting animation option on a profile, the existing booting animation and sound are not cleared as expected from the wearable device when an update is pushed to the device.

The same expectation should occur when deselecting the Set a custom shutdown animation option on a profile: The shutdown animation and sound should be cleared when an update is pushed to the device.

To date, WKC checks if an existing animation was set by a previous WKC profile, and will not remove the animation if it was set for a previous profile. To remedy this, users now have the ability to remove booting or shutdown animation separately when pushing an update.

Remove animation

Enrollment improvements

To date, when a profile is assigned and a wearable device has 15% power or less remaining, enrollment stops during the authentication stage after accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA).

Once the wearable device is charged and rebooted, the device is expected to resume enrollment. However, enrollment doesn’t resume if Power Saving mode is enabled, even if it was disabled just before license activation.

To prevent enrollment disruptions, Power Saving mode is now automatically disabled at the start of enrollment and enabled again after license activation.

Auto select newly uploaded apps

To date, in order to deploy an app that’s been recently uploaded into a profile, you would need to select the app manually from the app list after it’s been uploaded.

As part of this release, newly uploaded apps are now auto selected to enhance the app deployment work flow.

Dashboard widget UI enhancements

As part of a UI enhancement in this release, when an account has no profiles, the dashboard displays a Create profile button instead of the profile widgets. Selecting it starts the profile creation screen flow.

If there are profiles in the account, a Select profile to pin here button is displayed. Selecting enables the user to pin profiles for quick access from the dashboard.

Select profile to pin

Enhanced console string responses

Included in this release are updates to the console response strings, which include error and success messages.

Updated strings have been enhanced to include meaningful messages to assist with troubleshooting. For example, if an event has an error log entry associated with it, the log will include a link with additional information.

Unable to select KDA licenses before activation date

Currently, during profile creation, you won’t be able to select the Knox Deployment App (KDA) license key is entered if the date of entry is before the set activation date.

As part of an update in this release, the license drop-down menu will now include applicable licenses: Both active with remaining seats, as well as licenses that have yet to start.

If a user tries to use KDA to enroll a device with a license prior to the activation date, a license error code is displayed for the device user.

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