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Knox Configure for Wearables 1.24 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

WKC profile information now consistent with mobile devices

In response to the KCS July 31st release and its mobile device updates within the Profile information portion of the console, the following similar updates have been made for WKC:

Profile information

  • The Enrollment screen section has been renamed to ENROLLMENT INFORMATION.

  • Support contact information is partitioned into a new section titled SUPPORT CONTACT DETAILS.

  • Add additional terms and condition s is now located within a new DEVICE ENROLLMENT section under the title Agreements.

  • Enrollment settings is now entitled Enrollment preferences under the section DEVICE ENROLLMENT. This section includes the option to Allow end users to cancel enrollment.

Profile information

  • The Knox version is now hard coded and no longer a drop-down menu option.

For additional details, review Create a profile.

App version description enhancements

This release includes an improvement to allow IT admins to add a description when adding a new app version. Prior to this release, IT admins were only able to add a new description for new versions using the Add Wearable application button.

Add app version

For additional details, review Manage apps.

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