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Knox Configure for Wearables 1.23 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

App version display enhancements

Included in this release are enhancements to the Application Details screen, which improves on how apps display their version information. Prior to this release, apps were displayed on the app list without their current version information, which can make it difficult to identify latest versions for potential device updates. For additional details, go to app management.

App detail versions

With this enhancement, apps are now listed separately with the following details:

  • Version — Displays version number of the app.
  • Name — Displays the Application Name assigned when uploading the app to Knox Configure.
  • Description — Displays the Description entered when uploading the app to Knox Configure.
  • Used in profiles — Displays profiles the app is assigned to.
  • Size — Displays the TPK or WGT file size for the wearable app.
  • Modified — Displays the timestamp the app was last modified.

Revoke WKC policies manually before a device is assigned a different profile

When a WKC profile configuration changes from profile A to B, the profile revokes its previously defined policies from profile A, then applies its new policies from the profile B.

For example, in Setup to Dynamic, Dynamic to Setup, Setup to Setup, and Dynamic to Dynamic profile changes.

Note that if a Per Seat license is being used, a push command is sent out once the device is unassigned from its previous profile.

Per seat policies

Knox Custom policies now revoked once WKC is uninstalled

This feature ensures Knox Custom policies are revoked once WKC is uninstalled by adding the Knox Custom policy revocation logic before mdm_uninstall_application() is called.

Activity log updates for admin events

With this release are enhancements to the Activity log to provide a broader range of admin event changes for easier debugging. These admin events include:

  • Admin invitations
  • Admin modifications
  • Resent, reactivated or revoked invitations
  • Deactivated or reactivated accounts

Activity log name clarification

To date, when an event was administrated by a Samsung admin, both the names: Samsung Administrator and Samsung Knox Team were displayed within the activity log. This inconsistency raised the question whether there are two different admin types.

To improve consistency, all activity log events administrated by a Samsung admin will display the name Samsung Knox Team.

Warning message improvements when for profile unassignment

Starting this release, a warning message will appear to notify admins that unassigning a profile from a device would result in no longer being able to control the device or push a profile update.

Unassign warning message

KC supported country added under SEWA subsidiary : Nigeria

Nigeria has been added to the list of supported countries for KC. Nigeria will be listed under the West Africa (SEWA) subsidiary.

To review the update, view the list of supported countries for Knox Configure.

UI improvements on the KC Dashboard

To improve the UI of the KC Dashboard, the displayed profile name and “X” close icon are now center-aligned within the profile widget to provide a uniform display.

Center aligned dashboard profile

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