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Knox Configure for Wearables 1.18 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Role-based access control improvements

This release introduces a new Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) service allowing customer (tenant) admins that are responsible for account creation (super admin) to assign more refined role permissions to individual admins as their specific enterprise requirements dictate. Though KC utilizes admin roles unique to the KC service specifically, the super admin role cuts across all supported services.

With the new RBAC service, existing customers will have their administrators migrated automatically. Administrators with their own unique set of permissions (manage administrators, delete devices etc.) will be assigned new roles that map to their current permissions. If needed, new roles beyond what the migrated admins are currently assigned can be created based on a list of permissions unique for each service.

The only role that cannot be assigned is the super admin role, which applies across all supported services. Only one person can assume a super admin role per company. Upon migration, the super admin role is assigned to the person who originally created the customer account. The super admin role receives every permission option available. For more information on creating an administrator and assigning them roles and permissions, go to: Manage admins and roles.

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