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Knox Configure for Wearables 1.16 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Companion mode support added

IT admins can now maintain profile configurations assigned to wearable devices using Knox Configure, while device users can switch between without phone connection (WPC) mode and companion mode. Additionally, a profile can be configured on the wearable device while connected to the phone. This feature maintains the device configuration during a mode change, and the companion mode configuration, so device users can use their configured wearable device with the phone connection.

APN setting updates for WKC Setup edition profiles

To date, support for access point network (APN) settings have only been supported in Knox Configure Dynamic edition profiles for wearable devices. With this release, the same APN settings available for Dynamic edition profiles are now available for Setup edition profiles as well.

August 29th 2018 WKC feature updates

WKC + custom app configuration capability

To date, when the ProKiosk mode is set using a custom app, a failure occurs during KC configuration. However, if previously applied profile and a new profile do not have a ProKiosk mode setting, KC does not have to show a failure for the ProKiosk mode set by the other app.

Optionally prevent device user from making settings menu or status bar changes

With this release, IT admins can now create a dynamic edition profile and select an option to prevent a device user from accessing the Settings menu. The Knox Configure console displays that this feature is only available on Tizen 4.0 and above devices, and the device must be in standalone mode.

Wearable setting prevention

WKC enrollment via the Knox Deployment App

To date, WKC enrollment is conducted only during the initial out-of-box network search. An end user needed a factory reset to begin enrollment when the device is already in use. Additionally, wearable devices should be registered to the Reseller Portal RP by resellers, because when the IMEI/SN is not registered by resellers, they can’t use WKC.

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