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Knox Configure for Wearables 1.9 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Push updates available without pressing FINISH or RESTART

A wearable device profile push can be completed by the user pushing Finish or after a 5-second timer expiration. With this release, the FINISH and RESTART buttons still display, but there is a new 5-second timer under them to complete the action with less user input. If there is no user input after the 5-second countdown, the wearable device screen automatically moves to the device home screen or restarts. This feature reduces the labor required with large deployment profile pushes, where the FINISH or RESTART button must be selected on each wearable device.

Enrollment enhancements

This enhancement addresses our IT admins’ request to have the end user complete enrollment without touching a wearable device’s “FINISH” or “RESTART” button. To satisfy this request, the wearable device’s FINISH button remains as it is today, but a new 5-second timer displays under it. If there is no input from user for 5 seconds, the device automatically moves to its home screen. In ProKiosk mode, a message will display stating the wearable device will restart in 5 seconds, then reboot automatically.

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