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Knox Configure Accessories 24.04 release notes

Last updated April 24th, 2024


Knox Configure Accessory Edition

For select customers, this release introduces Accessory edition, a dedicated Knox Configure edition for Knox Configure accessories that leverages NFC accessories to enroll Samsung phones and tablets running Android 13 or higher. In doing so, Accessory edition further eases how you and your users can configure and customize devices, as highlighted by the following features:

Accessory (Staggered) license

You need the Accessory (Staggered) license to use Accessory edition. An accessory ID is the basic unit of Knox Configure license assignments and determines the license status and policies of an accessory that’s linked to a device. The assigned license count increases by one when you generate a new accessory ID, while it decreases when the license is switched to another profile or if the profile is deleted prior to configuring an accessory ID. Similarly, configuring an accessory ID increases the activated license count by one.

See the About the Accessory license to learn more about accessory license assignments and their relation to device assets, wallpapers, and other details.

Accessory profiles

Accessory profiles are non-exclusive and allow device users to link multiple accessories from different profiles linked to either the same enterprise or different enterprises and choose which one to apply. Furthermore, the device user on their own can link one or more profiles by pairing an accessory to the device. When multiple profiles are active, the device user can switch between any added profiles. You can’t delete an accessory profile from the console if an accessory ID in the profile is in Assigned or Active status (that is, actively assigned to a device) and if an active license is associated with the profile. Additionally, these profiles support partial search by profile name, allow you to clone an existing profile, and provide a quick overview of all the accessory IDs and their associated details on the new Accessory tab.

See Apply accessory profiles to learn more about how you can assign one or more profiles to devices.

Accessory ID management

You or your device user can use an NFC accessory such as a phone cover, Galaxy Buds case, or NFC card to enroll up to ten devices. Additionally, you can associate a profile with up to ten accessory ID groups, each containing up to 10,000 accessories.

See Apply custom branding for more information.


Accessory edition provides several rebranding settings that let you:

  • Customize the Galaxy theme as well as the default home screen, lock screen, and Z Flip cover screen wallpapers.
  • Set custom boot and shutdown animations.
  • Install custom apps and widgets.
  • Customize the shortcuts of the Lock screen on devices running Android 13 or higher and Home screen on devices running Android 14 or higher.
  • Add media files such as video, music, images , PDFs, and so on to the device’s Content folder.

See Delete a profile to learn more about how deleting a profile affects the device Galaxy theme, wallpapers, and custom animations.

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