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How to collect dumpstate logs on wearable devices

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Samsung wearable devices


You might need to help troubleshoot a wearable device issue by getting a log of the device’s activities. This knowledge base article guides you through the steps on how to collect these logs.

How do I collect dumpstate logs on a wearable device?

The easiest way to get these logs from a Samsung wearable device is to use the SysDump tool:

  1. Ensure the wearable device is connected to a mobile device via the Galaxy wearable app.
  2. On the wearable device, open the device settings.
  3. Tap About watch.
  4. Scroll down to Serial Number and tap on it five times.
  5. On the number pad that appears, enter *#9900#.
  6. Tap Run LOG_DUMP.
  7. Once log collection is complete, tap Extract LOG_DUMP.

Connect the mobile device to on a Windows PC via USB cable. On the PC:

  1. Navigate to the device’s internal storage > Pictures > Watch folder.
  2. Copy the ZIP file named “log_dump_”.

You can then send the ZIP file containing the dumpstate logs to Samsung Support.

Additional information

For steps on how to collect logs on Samsung mobile devices, see How do I capture logs to troubleshoot my mobile device?

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