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How to decrease profile size in Knox Configure

Last updated July 26th, 2023



Knox Configure (KC)


When creating or modifying a profile in Knox Configure (KC), you may encounter a 4002007 error:

Your profile has exceeded 300 MB. Try compressing or removing the image and sound files and try saving the profile again. Otherwise, contact Samsung to increase the profile size capacity.


The default maximum profile size in Knox Configure is 300 MB. Profiles exceeding this limit may contain large images, sound files, document files, or uploaded applications.


You can reduce the size of the public or internal applications in your profile to ensure your profile size is under the 300 MB limit:

For public applications:

On the Add Applications and Widgets screen, instead of directly uploading the APK file to the KC profile with Upload Application, add the application using the Add from Google Play option.

The Google Play store will need to be enabled for the applications to be able to be installed using this option. However, if you want to prevent end users from installing all other applications, you can whitelist specific applications to have the permission to be installed using the Installation allowlist feature under the Applications & Content page of your KC profile. Only the applications specified in this allowlist will be able to be installed on the device. Other applications will not be able to be installed even though Google Play is accessible.

For internal applications:

If you want to install apps on your device from other trusted sources (i.e. FTP servers, company email), you can add bookmarks that link to these internal sources. Include these applications in the allowlist to ensure only trusted applications can be installed.

Additional information

  • For more information on how to set up a KC profile, visit the Knox Configure admin guide.
  • If you are unable to reduce your profile size using the methods above, please submit a support ticket from your Knox dashboard to request a profile limit increase.

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