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Knox E-FOTA 1.29 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

For a full list of all features, visit the product page for Knox E-FOTA.

New features

Knox E-FOTA portal updates

Pre-approved access to Knox E-FOTA

Customers who have an activated Knox Configure or Knox Mobile Enrollment account are now pre-approved for access to Knox E-FOTA. That is, they do not need to apply for access to Knox E-FOTA; they can open the Knox E-FOTA portal by going to their dashboard and clicking Launch on the Knox E-FOTA card.

Closing the Knox E-FOTA client app

The Knox E-FOTA client app can now be closed. In cases where the client app was recently used and the user closes all recent apps on the device, the error message Security policy restricts you from stopping this application no longer appears. When the client app is closed, it still communicates properly with the Knox E-FOTA server. For example, it still polls the server regularly and counts how many times an device user postpones an update.

Default values during campaign creation

Default values have been set on the campaign creation screen to minimize the number of clicks the user needs to make to create a campaign.

Validation for the firmware installation period

During campaign creation, values that are entered for the firmware installation period are now validated. The values entered are auto-corrected (if needed) to pass validation. The firmware installation period must be no shorter than 3 hours.

Knox Manage login screen

The URL of your Knox Manage admin portal is now required when connecting Knox E-FOTA to Knox Manage.

Knox E-FOTA client updates

Automatic client app updates

The Knox E-FOTA client app now checks for updates and automatically installs them (if available) whenever the app is launched.

Solved issues

Knox E-FOTA portal

Table customization

Previously, when a user customized a table to add or remove columns, their changes were only applied to their current login session. The next time they logged in to the Knox E-FOTA admin portal, the table would have only the default columns. This has been resolved. A customized table now retains the columns the user has previously set.

Displaying the firmware list for device model SM-T540

Previously, the Knox E-FOTA admin portal failed to display the firmware list for the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro (Wi-Fi) (SM-T540). This has been resolved. The firmware list for SM-T540 now appears during campaign creation.

Knox E-FOTA client

Insufficient storage warning

Previously, the client app would show an insufficient storage warning even when there is enough storage left to support the size of the firmware update. This has been resolved.

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