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View the agent app version

Last updated December 14th, 2023

The Agent tab provides an overview of the Knox E-FOTA On-Premises package version, or agent, that is to be or is currently deployed to your devices.

This screen displays the following details:

Field Description
Deployment The deployment status of the agent, either Started or Stopped.
Package Version The version number of the agent.
Package Name The full name of the agent.
Release Date The date the agent version was made publicly available.

Click the Actions menu to view more options:

Action Description
Upload Agent

Opens a popup to upload an agent file. Click BROWSER to launch your PC's file explorer and select the file. Then, click UPLOAD.

upload agent menu

The Agent screen is then refreshed with the new agent information.

Start Deployment Prompts the devices to start downloading and installing the agent the next time they poll for updates.
Stop Deployment Stops the devices from downloading and installing the current agent version.

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