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Manage firmware versions

Last updated December 14th, 2023

To better organize and track firmware versions, Knox E-FOTA On-Premises includes a versions list that allows you to record firmware test results and block certain versions.

To view the versions list:

  1. Sign in to the Knox E-FOTA On-Premises console.
  2. Click your account icon.
  3. In the menu that’s shown, click Settings.
  4. The navigation pane refreshes with a new set of entries. Click Versions.

The version list is then displayed with the following information:

Field Description
TYPE Indicates whether the firmware is intended for deployment on devices (user), or for testing (dummy). See Create a test campaign for more details.
OPEN DATE The date the firmware version was publicly released.
OS VERSION The Android version that corresponds to the firmware version.
SECURITY PATCH The date the security patch was publicly released.
FIRMWARE VERSION The full name of the firmware version. Click the name to view the firmware details, which includes a description and specific device information.

Above the list, you can filter by device Model / Sales Code or search by firmware version ID to quickly identify the firmware versions you need.

Click the ACTIONS menu to access more features:

Field Description
Upload Versions Select and upload new firmware versions from your PC.
Mark as Tested Adds an icon to the TEST RESULT column to indicate that the firmware version was successfully tested for compatibility with business apps. When creating a campaign, selecting Latest firmware (Tested) as the target version allows you to update the latest tested firmware version from the Versions menu without modifying the campaign settings.
Unmark from Tested Removes the icon from the TEST RESULT column.
Add to Blocklist Locks the firmware version, preventing it from being downloaded and installed on devices.
Remove from Blocklist Unlocks the firmware version and allows it to be downloaded and installed on devices again.
Download Versions Scenario Downloads a JSON file that contains device version scenario information, including a list of changes between the current firmware version and the target version.

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