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Features overview

Last updated January 25th, 2024

This section presents an overview of the features of E-FOTA, as well as a breakdown of the available tutorials, to help you understand the service.


Here’s an overview of the features Knox E-FOTA offers:

Feature Description
Selective OS version Select an OS version to be deployed to the devices, and prevent updates to OS versions that haven't been verified with internal apps.
Forced update (silent) Deploy OS updates to devices without requiring user interaction.
Scheduled update Set a specific date and time range (for example, non-business hours) to download and install an OS update.
Forced update (critical) Allow the user to postpone an update (with a maximum delay duration) during an ongoing critical job.
Additional campaign options

Set the following options:

  • Allow firmware download while roaming.
  • Allow installation only when connected to a charging dock.
Ability to view the campaign status View the status of campaign operations.
Monitoring dashboard Monitor various metrics through a dashboard.
Independent console Perform administrative tasks through a console.
Network bandwidth control Deploy firmware updates within a set maximum bandwidth.
Wi-Fi only mode Save on cellular usage costs by setting downloads and updates to occur only through Wi-Fi.
Sequential updates per campaign Update from any version to a target version with just one campaign. You don't need to create multiple campaigns to incrementally update a device from its current version to a target version.
Ability to sync device group and organization information with EMM Import device groups from your EMM. Connecting Knox E-FOTA to your EMM ensures your device groups are never out of sync. Device information is managed in the EMM so that the Knox E-FOTA admin doesn't have to do it manually.
Automatic client app installation through EMM For certain EMMs, you can simplify the onboarding process by pushing the Knox E-FOTA client app on to devices.
Push and poll

Push campaign updates immediately from the Knox E-FOTA server to assigned devices. There's no need to wait for devices to poll the Knox E-FOTA server.

Poll the server for campaign updates. The client app periodically checks the policy and applies any campaign updates that might not have successfully been applied to it.

Device registration through Knox Deployment Program

Resellers can automatically upload your devices to Knox E-FOTA so that you don't have to add them yourself. You can auto-approve their uploads and auto-assign the devices to a default campaign.

This feature is only available through Knox Deployment Program.

Out-of-box installation of Knox E-FOTA client app For devices purchased through a reseller, running Android 9 or higher, the client app is automatically installed during the out-of-box experience.
Support for multiple licenses Add licenses as needed to support more devices, while keeping existing licenses active.
Consolidated admin access Sign in to the Knox Admin Portal once and gain access to all Knox cloud services products you're subscribed to.


The following are the tutorials available for Knox E-FOTA:

Tutorial Description
Create a campaign Define an operation that deploys a firmware update to devices.
Push and poll Push a firmware update to devices or manually poll the Knox E-FOTA server for updates.
Monitor operations Monitor device statuses.
Manage devices View device information and device logs; perform common operations on devices.
Unenroll devices Unenroll devices from Knox E-FOTA and re-enable B2C FOTA updates.
Manage roles Invite sub-admins and viewers.
Join Knox E-FOTA Accept an invitation to manage or view Knox E-FOTA.
View the activity log View or download a list of activities performed on the console.

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