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Update firmware through Ethernet

Last updated December 14th, 2023

With Knox E-FOTA On-Premises, you can also update the OS version of a device through a USB Ethernet connection. To do so, ensure you have:

  1. A network connection
  2. A LAN cable
  3. A USB-C Ethernet adapter

First, you need to set up your campaign to support the Ethernet connection:

  1. Sign in to the Knox E-FOTA On-Premises admin portal. Ensure you’re in the correct workspace by verifying the workspace name in the upper-right corner of the console.

  2. Go to Campaigns and create a new campaign or modify an existing one.

  3. On the Create campaign or Modify campaign screen, in the POLICY tab and under Download network, select Any (Wi-Fi or Mobile).

  4. If creating a new campaign, click CREATE, or if you’re modifying an existing one, click UPDATE.

After the device receives the new campaign details, do as follows:

  1. Connect the LAN cable to the Wi-Fi access point and the USB-C Ethernet adapter.
  2. Plug the USB-C Ethernet adapter in to the device.

A notification appears on the device confirming the Ethernet connection, and it can now download and install the OS update according to the campaign policy.

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