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About the Knox Admin Portal

Last updated July 26th, 2023

This section shows the parts of the Knox Admin Portal and the activities you can do in each one.

navigate knox admin portal

Menu item Activities
Dashboard Monitor devices and campaigns.
Devices Manage devices, for example, approve device uploads, enroll, unenroll, assign, or delete devices.
Campaigns Create a campaign to update the firmware on target devices.
Local Campaign Deploy a campaign through your internal network. This tab is only visible if your organization has permission to create local campaigns.
Licenses Generate a trial license or enter a commercial license key.
Resellers Register a reseller.
EMM groups Connect to a supported EMM to sync device groups with Knox E-FOTA, manage EMM groups.
Administrators & Roles Invite others to manage or view Knox E-FOTA, view the permissions for each role.
Feedback & Support View the documentation, contact Technical Support, or tour the admin portal.
Bulk actions Perform bulk actions, for example, upload, enroll, delete, or tag multiple devices.

Notification Center

View alerts related to devices and EMM groups in the notification center, represented by the notification bell.

notification center 1

notification center 2

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