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Step 7 — Create and assign a campaign

Last updated December 14th, 2023

Now you can create and assign a campaign to target devices.

  1. Sign in to your Knox E-FOTA On-Premises server.

  2. Go to Campaigns and then click Create Campaign.

campaign page

  1. Fill in your Basic info:

    1. Enter a unique name for the campaign and a description of what the campaign is for.

      campaign information

    2. Click NEXT.

  2. Fill in your Target firmware:

    1. Select the model and sales code corresponding to the target devices. Under FIRMWARE VERSION, select one of the following options:

      Firmware version Description
      Latest firmware Automatically push the latest firmware version to the corresponding devices.
      Lock current firmware Keep the current firmware version.
      Select from firmware list Select a firmware version to push to the corresponding devices.
    2. Select the target firmware on the next page and click SELECT. The campaign page opens.

    3. Click ADD ANOTHER ROW and repeat this step to assign as many firmware versions to the campaign as needed.

      target firmware

    4. Click NEXT.

  3. Fill in your Policy:

    1. Configure your Network and speed:

      Field Description
      Download network

      Select Wi-Fi only or Any (Wi-Fi or Mobile) as the network for devices to use for firmware downloads.

      • For Any (Wi-Fi or Mobile), select Allow download while roaming to let firmware versions be downloaded while roaming.
      Download network setting
      Max bandwidth Allocate a maximum bandwidth per device for firmware downloads in MBit/s, where 0 MBit/s represents unlimited bandwidth.
    2. Configure your Device condition. Specify how much battery charge a device must have before it can begin installing the update. You can also prevent firmware installation on devices that aren’t connected to a charging dock.

      minimum battery level for installation

    3. Configure Postpone installation if you want to allow the device user to postpone the installation. Set the maximum number of times they’re allowed to postpone the installation before any pending firmware begins installing.

      postpone firmware installation

    4. Click NEXT once you’ve configured all the policy settings.

  4. Fill in your Schedule:

    Field Description
    Campaign period Set the dates when devices in the campaign can start to download and install the update.
    Repeat on weekdays Set the days of the week you want firmware updates to occur.
    Installation hours

    Set the timeframe within the campaign period when the devices in the campaign can start installing the update. This timeframe is based on the device's timezone.

    If you want firmware updates to install at any time of the day, set the firmware installation period to identical values:

    • From — 00
    • To — 00

    Devices will start installation during this period, but there's no guarantee that installation will end within this period.

    Download hours

    Set the timeframe within the campaign period when the devices in the campaign can start downloading the firmware. You can allow downloads to occur at one of the following periods:

    • Same as installation hours: Set the firmware download period to be the same as the firmware installation period.
    • Anytime — Allow firmware downloads at any time.
    • Specific hours — Set the firmware download period to be different from the firmware installation period.

    schedule firmware updates

  5. Click CREATE. The console creates the campaign and adds it to the Campaigns list. A notification confirms that the operation completed.

Assign an existing campaign to devices

To assign an existing campaign to devices:

  1. Go to Devices.
  2. Select the devices you want to assign.
  3. Click ACTIONS > Assign Campaign.
  4. Select a running campaign to assign the devices to.
  5. Click ASSIGN.

Tutorial progress

Congratulations, you’ve completed the tutorial! You’re now set up to use Knox E-FOTA On-Premises.


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