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Before you begin

Last updated July 26th, 2023

This section describes how you can get started with Knox E-FOTA.


  1. Create a Samsung account — To use Knox E-FOTA and other Samsung Knox cloud services, you need access to Samsung Knox, which requires a Samsung account. If you don’t have a Samsung account, you must create one.

  2. Apply for access to Knox E-FOTA.

  3. Obtain test devices — You’ll need test devices to test Knox E-FOTA.

    Knox E-FOTA works with Knox-supported devices with Android N and later. Out-of-box experience installation works with devices with Android P and later.

  4. Sign in to E-FOTA using either a Samsung account or a corporate account set up through MS Azure Active Directory. See signing in using AD SSO.

For US customers using Verizon or AT&T devices with the carrier logo, please check with your carrier and a Samsung sales representative before evaluating and purchasing Knox E-FOTA.

Knox Admin Portal

The Knox Admin Portal allows you to manage your Samsung Knox licenses, access various Knox cloud services, and create support tickets in case you encounter issues with a product.

To get started with Samsung Knox, see how to set up Samsung Knox with a Samsung account.

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