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Add device groups from Blackberry

Last updated July 26th, 2023

This procedure describes how to connect to your Blackberry account and select the groups you want to sync with Knox E-FOTA.

This procedure assumes that you have the prerequisites needed to connect to Blackberry.

You can sync user groups from Blackberry. In Knox E-FOTA, these groups are treated as groups of devices, not groups of users. You cannot sync shared device groups.

To add device groups from Blackberry:

  1. Sign in to the Knox Admin Portal. In the left sidebar, click Knox E-FOTA.

  2. Go to EMM groups and then click Connect EMM.

    connect emm

  3. Select Blackberry.

  4. Select the type of server you have — On-premise or Cloud.

  5. If you selected On-premise, select the authentication process you use — OAuth or Basic authentication.

  6. Fill in the required details. The following table shows the definitions of the different fields depending on your Blackberry server type and authentication process:

    For information on how to create a client ID and client secret, see Prerequisites for connecting to Blackberry

    Field On-premise, Oauth On-premise, Basic authentication Cloud
    Client ID The client ID of the client you created. - The client ID of the client you created.
    Client Secret The client secret of the client you created. - The client secret of the client you created.
    Tenant ID The tenant you registered you client to.
    Partner base URL URL and port (18084) of your on-premise Blackberry server, for example, -
    Proxy host Proxy server of your on-premise Blackberry server. -
    Proxy port Proxy port of your on-premise Blackberry server: 443 -
    Username - Your username. -
    Password - Your password. -
    Base URL - - URL of Blackberry cloud console.

    Example: Blackberry cloud server

    connect to blackberry cloud

  7. Click Connect. The device groups from Blackberry are loaded.

  8. Select the device groups you want to sync to Knox E-FOTA. Only Samsung devices are shown in the device groups.

    Syncing device groups

  9. Click Add E-FOTA Groups. The device groups are added to Knox E-FOTA and their details are synced from your EMM. Once the sync is done, you can click on a device group name to view the devices in that group.

    You cannot modify device group information on Knox E-FOTA. This is only possible through your EMM’s console. Every 24 hours, device group information is synced from your EMM to Knox E-FOTA. You can also do a manual sync by clicking Sync now at the top-right corner of the EMM groups tab.

    The sync status and Auto-sync button

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