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Unenroll devices

Last updated October 23rd, 2023

To unenroll a device:

  1. On the Knox E-FOTA console, go to Devices.
  2. Select the device you want to unenroll.
  3. Click Actions > Unenroll devices > Unenroll.

Additionally, consider the following actions after unenrollment:

  1. In your reseller preferences on the Resellers page, deselect Automatically approve all uploads from this reseller in the Auto-approve settings to disable the automatic approval of devices uploaded by your reseller.

    This action also disables Auto-campaign assignment and prevents any default campaigns from being assigned to approved devices that were uploaded by this reseller.

  2. Uninstall the Knox E-FOTA client app from the EMM, Knox Configure, or other third-party services that deploy the client app.

  3. Disable any auto-launch configurations from Knox Service Plugin.

Once the device is unenrolled from Knox E-FOTA, B2C FOTA updates are re-enabled on it. To verify whether these updates have been successfully enabled on the device, go to Settings > Software update. If B2C FOTA updates are successfully enabled, the options in the following screen on the device are no longer disabled.

b2c updated enabled

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