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Knox Guard knowledge base articles

Last updated January 22nd, 2024


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End of support notice for Galaxy A03 and Galaxy A03 Core device activations

Device report doesn’t contain the full list of devices

Knox Guard hidden on Knox Admin Portal

How to display app icons on the lock screen

How the SIM control lock policy works on dual-SIM supported devices

About Knox Guard’s installation policy

About Knox Guard’s SIM control policy

About Knox Guard’s mobile number (IMSI) lock policy

How to set up Knox Guard SIM control

How to unlock a device using a PIN in Knox Guard

How to use Auto-Lock Feature in Knox Guard

How to allow incoming calls when the device is locked in Knox Guard

How to update the lockscreen message in Knox Guard

Knox solution availability by Samsung OS type

Upload a device through Knox Guard Portal

Which device types are supported by Knox solutions

Update Lock screen Message without changing Device Status

How to install/update and application on devices through Knox Guard

Can we complete, delete and re-enroll the same device?

After the initial device setup, when does it connect with the Knox Guard service?

How to unlock devices using PIN code?

Can we make an application available on lock screen without pushing it via KG?

What happens to a Knox Guard managed device once it is fully paid for by the end user?

The device is locked with the notification “This phone can’t be used without authorization,” but its status on the Knox Guard console is marked as active.

What is an Approval ID?

Who uploads devices to Knox Guard?

What does a Complete device status mean in Knox Guard?

What are the options for stopping payment blink reminders on an overdue device?

How do I restrict a device to a particular telecom operator?

How do I restrict a device to the first inserted SIM of an allowed telecom operator?

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