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Knox Guard status flow

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Once a device is added to the Knox Guard console, it can potentially go through a combination of these statuses:

The Knox Guard client is deactivated from a device if it is rejected or its payment period is completed.

A temporary Exchanging state can exist when an IMEI exchange is in process. An IMEI exchange may be needed in instances where a phone or tablet is exchanged with a new one with a different IMEI/SN, or when a defective device requires a new replacement board with a different IMEI. An Exchanging state cannot occur when a device is locked.

A combination of the states can also exist such as Active | Locked or Locked | Offline. This happens when an offline lock is triggered by the offline lock policy. However since the device is offline, the server only remembers the last state of the device. Therefore, it shows a combination of the device states in the portal.

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