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Knox Guard

Last updated June 26th, 2024

Knox Guard is a cloud-based service which enables you to protect your devices, enterprise assets, and payment plans from fraud and theft.

With Knox Guard, you can remotely manage, message, and, if necessary, lock Samsung devices to reduce your organization's financial risk, black market sales of devices, and overdue subscriber payments.

A Galaxy device with a stylized lock on the screen, emitting a blue cloud with the Knox logo.


This document is intended for:

  • IT Admins — Learn how to manage and secure devices with Knox Guard.

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Guard your enterprise device assets by tracking payments, remote device management, and lock Samsung devices to reduce financial risks.

About Knox Guard

Knox Guard is a cloud-based solution that protects you against theft, loss, or financial default on your mobile devices. Using Knox Guard, you can set granular restrictions on the devices such as enable/disable certain SIMs, lock a device when it hasn’t been online for a defined period of time, send payment overdue reminders and much more.

Knox Guard supports Samsung mobile devices running Knox version 3.2.1 or higher.

Key Knox Guard features include:

  • Notifications — Notifications can be sent from Knox Guard to selected devices. You have the option to show the notification on full-screen.
  • Blink reminders — Blinking, non-dismissible, payment reminder messages can be remotely sent to delinquent devices in real-time until their payment status has been restored to good standing.
  • Device lock/unlock capability — Knox Guard can lock down an end user’s device as a last resort payment recovery option. Once locked, the device’s USB, Bluetooth, NFC, FOTA, factory reset, and binary flashing capabilities are restricted. Once the user’s payment subscription has been restored to good standing, the device can be unlocked and functionality restored.
  • Delete devices — Permanently remove a device from Knox Guard when in a rejected or payment complete state. Devices can also be removed during the Completing state.
  • Manage resellers — Register approved resellers so Samsung can verify their device ownership and assist in preventing erroneous enrollments.
  • Manage administrators & Roles — Create custom roles and assign them to sub-admins to easily manage your fleet of devices.
  • Manage policies — Set default enrollment settings, notifications, blink reminders, device lock and EULA values that can be applied to all devices managed by Knox Guard.

To review a device’s status flow once it’s added to the Knox Guard console, see the Knox Guard status flow.

The Knox Guard console does not support these special characters (# / $ * % ^ & \ ( ) + ? { } [ ]). Ensure they are not utilized when inputting characters in Knox Guard.

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