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Knox Guard frequently asked questions

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Refer to this FAQ to familiarize yourself with questions other Knox Guard users frequently raise with the Samsung Knox team, and the answers shared with the Knox user community.

You must purchase a license to use Knox Guard. Contact our sales team or your local Knox license reseller to buy one. Once purchased, access the Knox Guard console and enter your license key. After your devices are uploaded by the device reseller with your Customer ID, the license is applied and activated automatically in the Accept Devices dialog on the console.

You need both a Samsung account and a Knox Portal account to access Knox Guard.

Knox Guard is a risk-management solution enabling protection schemes against fraud, loss, theft, or financial default across all devices, straight out of the box. Knox Guard helps you guard your device payment plans and maintain control of the devices with device restrictions, locking methods, and granular notification options.

The trial license for Knox Guard includes all the features of this solution without any restrictions. You can set up your Knox Guard account and remotely manage, notify, and if necessary, lock your Samsung devices. While we suggest that you apply the Knox Guard commercial license key as soon as possible for your convenience, the trial license is valid for a 90-day activation period and a maximum of 30 devices (on a per-device basis) for either a Normal or PAYG (Pay As You Go) account. Once the commercial license is activated, you are free to use the enrolled devices with this trial license during the service period up to three years.

For more information, see the Getting started with Knox Guard video.

Apply for access to Knox Guard after creating a Samsung account at For more information, see the Getting started with Knox Guard video.

Yes. The existing configuration data remains on the tenant that you created during your free trial. Once a commercial license is registered, this commercial license will be used from then on in the Knox Guard portal. For instructions about this process, visit the Manage Knox Guard licenses page.

Knox Guard is supported on Samsung devices running Knox version 3.2.1 and higher, and running Android 9 and higher.

Each Samsung Knox solution, including Knox Guard, supports the five most recent major Android versions (the most recent version plus the four previous versions).

Once a device’s payment status is set to Complete*, all the applied policies are removed from the device and it will no longer be tracked or controlled by Knox Guard.

_* Please note that it might take 2 days to change the device status to Complete.*

The Knox Guard solution is intended for businesses that are looking for ways to guard their device enterprise assets or payment plans with ease. It is recommended for:

  • Carriers, device retailers, financial institutions, and companies that resell devices with device financing and subsidies to general customers
  • Insurance companies that sell theft and loss protection products to general customers
  • All device channels that need anti-theft solutions for logistics or display units
  • Organizations that need theft/asset protection solutions for their devices — large enterprises with a willingness to adopt higher security, businesses with high turnover seeking device lock only, and device-leasing businesses.

Yes. Organizations can also protect their company’s device assets with Knox Guard. Generally, MDM solutions are used to manage company devices, but by using Knox Guard’s powerful features such as device lock, it helps an organization protect company assets and data by locking stolen or lost devices that are not enrolled in their MDM solution.

Yes. Knox Guard works seamlessly along with other Knox services such as Knox Configure or Knox E-FOTA for customer specific purposes.

You might encounter issues when you are using a device or Knox Guard console. To address them, explore the admin guide to get support. Also, explore the KBAs for up-to-date resolutions to known issues. For issues that can’t be resolved by using our online resources, you can send us inquiries or create support tickets. See Use the Samsung Knox Portal to learn how to create a support ticket.

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