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Update enrollment notice

Last updated September 6th, 2023

You can set a unique enrollment message for each device depending on the requirements. To manage the tenant wide policy, see enrollment message.

To update enrollment message for select devices:

  1. On the Devices page, select one or more devices.

  2. Click ACTIONS > Manage policy > Update enrollment notice.

    Update enrollment notice screen

  3. Enter the details as required and click SAVE.

Update enrollment notice in bulk

To wipe multiple devices at once:

  1. Go to BULK ACTIONS page from the side navigation.

  2. Click the Download CSV template link from the top portion of the screen.

    For more information on how to create a properly-formatted CSV file for bulk device acceptance, click Instructions for all bulk actions at the bottom of the screen.


    Update enrollment notice bulk actions screen

  4. Upload the CSV file that contains the device IDs.

  5. Click SAVE.

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