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Pay-As-You-Go lock screen

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Pay-As-You-Go lock screen

Set the Knox Guard PAYG device lock message and contact information displayed for users in a device lock.

To set Knox Guard PAYG device lock settings

  1. Select Policies from the left-hand navigation menu.

  2. Select Pay-As-You-Go lock screen from the DEVICE LOCK field

  3. Specify time until device lock after new device enrollment is the number of days before a device gets locked for payment.

  4. Define the 200 character maximum Message devices receive informing them how to remedy their delinquent subscription and unlock their device.

  5. The Block incoming calls when device is locked checkbox lets an admin know if the device has been set in the Devices page to block incoming calls. Phone numbers added to the list allow the device to receive calls from these numbers when locked.

  6. Enter the Phone number of the contact resource locked device users call for restoring their locked device. Special characters can be used if necessary.

  7. Enter the E-mail address of the support contact resource locked device users contact.

  8. Under the Advanced support methods review the additional support settings. These settings cannot be configured within the Offline policy and must be configured using the Default lock screen policy.

  9. Primary support option is selectable. Choose from the drop-down menu to select a support option.

  10. Select SAVE to commit the default offline PAYG settings.

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