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Knox E-FOTA 23.06 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

OAuth authentication for VMware EMM

Previously, you could sync devices from VMware EMM only using basic authentication. With the 23.06 release, you can also authenticate using the OAuth protocol. OAuth authentication requires a client ID and a client secret for successful EMM connection.

VMware OAuth authentication

Improvements to EMM group sync

Individually managed devices

Previously, EMM groups controlled the behavior of synced devices and didn’t allow you to individually manage these synced devices. This inability to manage devices individually forced you to unenroll the device from the group, even after the device was unsynced, making device management inconvenient for large fleets.

With the 23.06 release, you can individually manage devices synced in EMM groups, without re-enrolling them. For example, if campaign A is assigned to devices in group A, you can now assign a few devices that are in group A to campaign B.

Furthermore, for devices that are uploaded by EMMs, the Devices tab on the Devices page now lets you:

  • Assign a campaign
  • create a campaign
  • Unassign a campaign
  • Unenroll devices
  • Force client refresh

Additionally, you can click the EMM group name to access all the actions that you can perform on the Devices tab on the Devices page.

Default campaigns

With the 23.06 release, when you assign a campaign to an EMM device group, this campaign is automatically set as the default campaign for the group. This default campaign is assigned only to devices in the group when they are synced from the EMM for the first time.

These synced devices exhibit the following properties:

  • The default campaign associated with these devices changes if their EMM group or EMM group priority changes. Note that these devices won’t be automatically assigned to the new default campaign.

  • After the first sync, existing devices synced from EMM groups won’t be assigned the default campaign when you re-sync with the EMM.

  • You can assign the default campaign to these devices, regardless of whether they were uploaded by a reseller or in bulk using a CSV file.

You can find more information about the default campaign on the EMM groups page.

With the 23.06 release, you can easily search EMM groups on the Manage EMM groups page and sync only the desired groups from the search results. Furthermore, you can individually sync each of these groups and filter the search results to display only the synced groups. You can search and add a maximum of 1,000 device groups without triggering a warning.

Search EMM groups

UX enhancement to identify invalid firmware

Starting with the 23.06 release, device firmware information displays a caution icon to help you determine whether a device listed on the Devices page is running invalid firmware.

Invalid firmware caution mark

Support for dummy firmware in test campaigns

Previously, the option to assign a test campaign to devices running dummy firmware wasn’t available. This limitation persisted if you deleted or unenrolled such a device prior to reverting its firmware to regular firmware.

With the 23.06 release, you can assign a test campaign even to devices running dummy firmware. Once you unassign a test campaign, the device reverts back to regular firmware.

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