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Knox E-FOTA 23.03 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Update to supported Android versions

In accordance with our updated Android support plan, the minimum supported version for Android devices registered in Knox Mobile Enrollment, Knox Manage, Knox E-FOTA, Knox Configure, and Knox Deployment app have each rolled forward. To review the minimum version on a product-by-product basis, see Policy update on Knox supported versions.

Simplified registration for and access to Knox cloud services

The registration and access flows for Knox cloud services are streamlined. The My Knox dashboard is retired, and you can now sign in to the Knox Admin Portal directly and manage your Knox services, including Knox E-FOTA. After you sign in to the Knox Admin Portal, you can operate Knox E-FOTA right away. If you’d like to display or register for additional Knox services, click your account icon > Settings > Show/hide services.

Restrict firmware downloads based on Wi-Fi access points

With the 23.03 release, you can now configure a campaign to have blocklists and allowlists of up to 50 Wi-Fi SSIDs each, to confine Wi-Fi firmware downloads to specific access points. Doing so prevents network clogging due to data-intensive updates. These restrictions don’t affect downloads over mobile networks.

Restrict firmware downloads Wi-Fi

Improvements to firmware scheduling

Previously, campaigns lacked the option to set a firmware download period that was different from their installation period.

With the 23.03 release, you can now configure these two periods separately. Furthermore, you can now easily schedule firmware updates to occur at any time during weekends and prevent network overuse during daytime hours.

Improvements to firmware scheduling

Campaign prioritization of EMM groups

You can now easily reassign the campaign priority of multiple EMM groups by collectively moving them either to the top or bottom of the group priority list in one swift action. Whenever the device is associated with multiple EMM groups with multiple campaigns at the same time, the revised group priority decides which campaign and policies apply to a device. You can assign priority from both the Update group priority and Update all group priority dialogs on the EMM groups page.

Campaign prioritization of EMM groups

Improvements to EMM reconnection

Previously, you could update your EMM connection credentials only when either your EMM password or client secret expired or changed. With the 23.03 release, you can now update your credentials at any time through the Reconnect EMM action on the EMM groups page. Available only to admins with EMM reconnection permissions.

Fix for EMM group sync lock

Previously, some users encountered a soft-lock issue when they tried to manually sync EMM groups prior to the completion of a group sync action.

The 23.03 release prevents this issue by hiding the Sync now action until the ongoing EMM group sync is complete.

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