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Knox E-FOTA 22.11 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Advanced network settings for firmware downloads

Starting with 22.11, you can configure the preferred order of network types that devices use when downloading firmware. On the Create Campaign page, select Advanced as your download network, then set the priority for network types such as Wi-Fi, Mobile, and Ethernet.

You can also disable one or more network types for use, but you must select at least one network type for firmware downloads. Selecting Mobile as the network type gives you the option to allow firmware downloads while roaming, and will switch the device’s connection to Wi-Fi or Ethernet if the firmware package is larger than the size entered in the Enter size field.

Advanced network settings

Notification center

Starting with 22.11, notifications for events related to devices and EMM groups are listed in the notification center. The notification bell shows how many unread notifications you have. You can click the bell to open the notification center.

Notification center

Notification center top-right

Improvements to firmware installation reminders

Starting with 22.11, installation reminder messages can be configured to be displayed for a duration of 1 to 999 minutes. This improvement, in addition to the existing, easily-configurable policies of installation postponement, is meant to help device users to install firmware updates sooner.

You can also turn off the reminder message. Doing so will trigger firmware installation without notifying the device users, and also disables the Postpone installation settings on the page.

Installation reminder messages

Support for secondary IMEI on dual-SIM devices

Previously, Knox E-FOTA wouldn’t report the secondary IMEI (IMEI2) of dual-SIM devices.

Device search, device lists, device detail pages, and exported reports now support queries for a device’s secondary IMEI. If a dual-SIM device reports only one IMEI, the IMEI is denoted by either IMEI1 or IMEI2, depending on which SIM slot the card occupies on the device.

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