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Knox E-FOTA 22.03 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Role customization

Previously, aside from super admins, only the sub-admin and viewer roles were available, and both were limited to fixed preset permissions.

This release introduces the ability to create, edit, and delete custom roles with specific permissions. This feature allows you to assign admins to custom roles, giving you more flexibility when granting permissions and allowing you to better manage your admin roles.

Device Log refresh

With this release, you can now refresh the device log on the Device Log page. A new Refresh button allows you to refresh the device log without having to close the page and open it again to see any updates.

The new Refresh button on the Device Log page

License auto-assignment

With this release, licenses are automatically assigned to devices after the Knox E-FOTA client is installed and enrolled on the device. Devices assigned to a license that expires in two days are automatically re-assigned another license. This means that you no longer have to manually assign a license to each device, or replace licenses that expire soon. You can still manually replace licenses and unenroll devices if needed.

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