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Knox E-FOTA 1.39 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

Enroll devices with Google services disabled

Until the Knox service 1.38.1 release, you could not enroll devices with Google Services disabled into Knox E-FOTA. Starting with this release, for devices using EDM, EMM, or any other Knox services and for which Google services — that is, — are disabled, you can still enroll your device in Knox E-FOTA successfully.

Changes for License assignment

Previously, if a device that was uploaded by multiple sources, including resellers, was removed by the EMM, the device was automatically removed.

Going forward, if a device is uploaded by a reseller with Auto Enroll or Auto Campaign enabled, and then even if EMM removes that device, the device is not removed. Additionally, the license and campaign are also assigned to the device automatically based on reseller preferences.

Last synced time of EMM group

Previously, last synced time was only updated either after periodic Auto Sync or whenever all the groups are synced.

With this release, for VMware only, the Last synced on time updates instantly once the new group is synced to Knox E-FOTA using either Manage EMM groups, Sync now, or Periodic Auto Sync. Last synced time reflects the integration between Knox E-FOTA and EMM, and acknowledges that the changes that you made are synced successfully. We plan to apply this change to other EMMs with future releases.

emm group sync

Consolidated onboarding

Previously, IT admins could either apply for different services separately or collectively for Knox Suite.

With this release, consolidated onboarding is supported for all services. That is, when you enroll for, an enrollment application is automatically made for all Knox services.

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