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Knox E-FOTA 1.31 release notes

Last updated July 26th, 2023

For a full list of all features, visit the product page for Knox E-FOTA.

Support for Microsoft Intune

With Knox E-FOTA, you can add device groups from a supported EMM, and then perform firmware management on those device groups. Device group information is regularly synced from your EMM.

In this release, support has been added for Microsoft Intune. You can now connect to Intune through your Knox E-FOTA admin portal, select device groups to add, and perform operations on those devices. The following are examples of operations you can perform:

  • Enroll devices in groups
  • Assign a campaign to device groups
  • Push a campaign to device groups
  • Manage group priority

For more information, see Prerequisites for connecting to Microsoft Intune.

Knox E-FOTA client installation through Knox Service Plugin

You can now use the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) to remotely install the Knox E-FOTA client on enterprise devices. To do this, you must configure your EMM to use KSP. For more information, see Install the client app through Knox Service Plugin

Firmware management for AT&T and Verizon Wireless users

You can now use Knox E-FOTA to manage firmware on AT&T (ATT) and Verizon Wireless (VZW) devices. This simplifies your workflow because you can now manage the firmware of all your organization’s devices in one place.

ATT and VZW use their own dedicated FOTA infrastructure.

Firmware sync notification

If you attempt to configure a new device model while Knox E-FOTA is in the process of syncing its firmware, the admin portal now shows that a firmware sync is in progress. When syncing is complete, you’ll receive an email notification that the firmware for that model is ready to be used.

Enhancements to the firmware list

Enhancements were made to the firmware list table to make it easier for you to find the firmware version you want to assign to a campaign:

  • You can now sort the firmware list by Android OS version. In this case, firmware versions with the same Android version are first grouped together. In each group, firmware versions are sorted from the latest version to the earliest.

  • The header row of the firmware table is now fixed so that it’s always visible even when you scroll to the bottom of the table.

Enhancements to the dashboard

The following enhancements were made to the dashboard:

Device Status

This widget shows the total counts of devices that fall under the following categories:

  • Attention — These devices require the IT admin or device user to take action. For example, device enrollment is pending, the device failed to enroll, and so on.

  • Cancelled — The IT admin canceled a firmware update. These devices have not yet been reassigned to other campaigns.

  • Pending — These devices have been uploaded to the admin portal but have not been approved by the IT admin.

  • Not enrolled — These devices have already been uploaded to the admin portal. They don’t consume license seats for one of the following reasons:

    • The Knox E-FOTA client app has not been installed yet.

    • These were enrolled devices that the IT admin has attempted to unenroll or delete. However, the unenrollment process is not yet complete.

  • Active — These devices are up to date and no operations are pending.

If they click on a particular device status, they’ll get more detailed information about the devices with that status.

The dashboard also shows when the device counts were last updated.

OS Trend Graph

The OS Trend Graph has been added. It shows a pie chart of the different OS versions of all enrolled devices. The chart includes a device count for each OS version. Clicking on a particular device count displays the device list filtered by the corresponding OS version.

Activity log

You can now view or download the activity log, which shows the activities that were performed in the Knox E-FOTA admin portal and who did them. Activities are logged for all areas of the admin portal:

  • Device
  • Campaign
  • License
  • Reseller
  • EMM
  • Admin
  • Role

For more information, see View or download the activity log.

Support for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

You can now access the Knox E-FOTA admin portal through Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer.

Supported versions

Browse Version
Microsoft Edge
  • 40
  • 41
  • 42
  • 44 (Optimized)
  • 79
  • 80
  • 81 (Optimized)
Internet Explorer 11 (Optimized)

1920 X 1080

Enhancement to the Knox E-FOTA card in the dashboard

Previously, if a sub-admin attempted to join Knox E-FOTA before their super admin signed up for it, the sub-admin would see a screen stating they have no access to the Knox E-FOTA admin portal.

Starting this release, if a super admin has not signed up for Knox E-FOTA, the sub-admins will not see the Knox E-FOTA card, and will therefore be unable to attempt to join it.

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