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What happens to a device after it’s assigned to a campaign

Last updated July 26th, 2023



  • Knox E-FOTA


After you create a campaign and assign devices to it, the following activities occur on the devices if the campaign is active.

At the start, a campaign is assigned to a device.

  1. The Knox E-FOTA client shows that there is an upcoming firmware update.

    inbound update

  2. The device begins to download the update.

    download begin

  3. The device user is notified of an upcoming installation. Depending on the settings of the campaign, the user may be allowed to postpone the installation.

    Notification with no postpone option:

    without postpone

    Notification with a postpone option:

    with postpone

  4. The device installs the update.

    installation begin

  5. The device restarts.

    restart phone

  6. The device user is notified that the software on the device was updated.

    finished software update

  7. The Knox E-FOTA client shows when the last firmware update occurred along with details about the update.

    most recent firmware

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