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Unable to reconnect Knox E-FOTA with an EMM after updating credentials

Last updated February 22nd, 2024



  • Knox E-FOTA
  • EMMs


After updating the client ID or password on your EMM tenant, you might encounter an error where reconnecting the EMM to Knox E-FOTA with the updated credentials fails with the following error:

Failed to connect EMM username.
Failed to connect EMM username. Please try again and if the problem persists, contact Samsung Knox Support.


The Knox E-FOTA team has identified an issue with the logic that updates the credentials.

The team is working on a fix and hopes to include it in the Knox E-FOTA 24.04 release.


If you’re experiencing this issue, you must disconnect your EMM, then connect with the updated credentials:

  1. On the Knox Admin Portal, go to Knox E-FOTA > EMM groups.
  2. Click ACTIONS > Download groups as CSV, then click DOWNLOAD to confirm. The current list of groups and assigned campaigns is saved to your device.
  3. Click ACTIONS > Disconnect EMM, then click DISCONNECT to confirm.
  4. Connect your EMM to Knox E-FOTA with your updated credentials, and add all device groups that were previously synced. The procedure for this process depends on your EMM. Consult your EMM’s documentation for more information.
  5. For each device group, assign the campaign that was previously assigned.
  6. Click Sync now.

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