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Knox SDK 3.9 release notes

Last updated March 6th, 2024

November 2022

The Knox 3.9 platform introduces these new features:

Introducing unified work profiles

Previously, there were two types of work profiles supported on Samsung Knox devices — work profile, and work profile (Premium). Available features in these 2 types of work profiles depended on whether a Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) premium license was activated. However, KPE is now a free product as of July 2021, and all the premium features of KPE and work profile (Premium) are supported free of charge.

Starting from Android 13 OS, work profile and work profile (Premium) are combined to have a unified work profile, which offers all the premium and basic features in one place. A KPE premium license activation is still required in order to use the KPE premium features or the APIs in the unified work profile. To learn about these new changes, see Work profile unification.

API enhancements

Force device auto start-up when power is supplied

The setForceAutoStartUpState API now supports devices with MediaTec and UniSOC chipsets from Knox 3.9 onwards in additon to the Qualcomm and LSI chipsets which were supported earlier.

Access Smart View during kiosk mode

As the Quick panel is hidden in the kiosk mode, Samsung Smart View wasn’t accessible to the end user. Now with the new startSmartView API, you can force start the Samsung Smart View.

API deprecation

As part of Samsung’s ongoing efforts to streamline our services with the market, we deprecate certain APIs from time to time. Deprecated APIs in Knox 3.9 will work normally for Android 13. Additionally, we continue to provide technical support for deprecated APIs upto one year after the deprecation. The APIs continue to be available in the second year after deprecation but satisfactory operation is not guaranteed. We recommend to replace newly deprecated APIs before they are removed permanently. For details, see What kind of support is offered after an API is deprecated? in the FAQ. See the list of deprecated APIs for a list of APIs deleted in this and past releases.

DSC enhancement — Change device name remotely

With the Knox Service Plugin’s Deep Settings Customization (DSC), you can change the name of a device remotely using your MDM console. This might come in handy when, for example, you want the device name to be the same as its bluetooth connection name.

This feature is only available using the Knox Service Plugin (KSP) in a future release. Third-party apps cannot use DSC directly.

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