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An enterprise IT admin can associate configurable XCover device keys with business apps, Over the Air (OTA) using a web-based EMM console, the Knox Service Plugin, or similar device management service. The IT admin can:

  • Push out a single policy with hardware key associations to an ISV app across an entire device fleet so end users are not burdened with figuring out the steps themselves.
  • Enforce hardware key associations to an ISV app so device users cannot make changes to the corporate policy.
  • Map both the XCover (Push-to-Talk) and Top (Emergency) keys seamlessly.

There is no cost to ISVs to integrate. However, an IT admin needs to have any one of the following paid Knox product licenses loaded into their EMM or similar device management service to use this functionality:

  • Knox Service Plugin (used on a customer’s EMM service)

    • Knox Platform for Customization license
    • Knox Platform for Enterprise - Premium Edition license
  • Knox Configure (Standalone Knox product)

    • Knox Configure (Setup or Dynamic Edition) license

Handle hardware key intents (custom intent only)

Setting up an ISV app for a managed integration requires two things:

  • Ensure the ISV app includes logic to receive and handle XCover and Top key intents by registering a receiver intent for key press and key release for each key.
  • Include metadata in your AndroidManifest.xml file to register your static intents as shown below.

Define custom intents

Register a custom intent so the Knox Service Plugin and/or the Knox Configure can wake the app to handle a button event. Define the intents in your manifest file as follows:

  android:exported="true" >
    <action android:name="com.vendor.intent.action.PTT_PRESS" />
    <action android:name="com.vendor.intent.action.PTT_RELEASE" />

To ensure your app is listening to intent actions only from the Knox Service Plugin or the Knox Configure, you add the above KNOX_CUSTOM_SETTING permission in the receiver, which is platform signature protected.

Provide custom intents to IT admin

The customer can plug the custom intents into the Knox Service Plugin in their preferred EMM service or the Knox Configure.

Please ask IT admins to enter the custom intent defined for key press and release, respectively.

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