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Manage devices using ISV APIs: Overview

As described in Independent Software Vendors, Knox 3.7.1 introduces ISV APIs that no longer need the Android device admin permission.

With Knox 3.7.1, you can more easily configure devices such as the ruggedized Samsung XCover series, using the following API classes:

Class Description
KnoxContract.Config.Application Grants app permission to access USB device, adds app for battery optimization, removes a digital assistant app.
KnoxContract.Config.DateTime Sets the device date and time manually; enables automatic time setting; selects 12 or 24 hour time format.
KnoxContract.Config.Device Forces device to boot up when power is applied, sets the screen timeout, controls screen auto-rotation, sets the audio volume.
KnoxContract.Config.Font Gets the supported font sizes, sets the font size.
KnoxContract.Config.NFC Turns NFC on or off.
KnoxContract.Config.Settings Enables touch sensitivity, maps a hardware key to an app, sets screen brightness, sets the default language, sets the input method, turns power saving on and off.
KnoxContract.Config.Wifi Turns Wi-Fi on or off; connects with a Wi-Fi access point.
KnoxContract.License Gets the status of a Knox license.

The new Knox 3.7.1 APIs use Android content providers; if you are new to them, browse Use content providers.

See the tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

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