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Knox for Model Protection — Knox SDK APIs

Deployment of encrypted model

You can deploy the generated model package by keeping it in the application’s assets folder or in the data folder of the device. Knox SDK provides APIs to load the model in application run-time by making a File Descriptor (FD) or creating a data buffer of the package, if the package is present in the assets of the application, and calling the appropriate API.

Load Knox SDK to the app

Download and add Knox SDK to your app as explained in Install the SDK. Include the SDK JAR file as a dependency in the build.gradle file of the project. Loading knoxsdk.jar exposes Knox SDK APIs which can be used to load and execute the model.

The APIs are only available from the Knox SDK version 3.7.1 onwards. Check that you have loaded the latest version of the SDK.

Knox API components

See the Knox SDK API reference for a full overview of all the classes and packages contained in the Knox SDK.

Class Description
DataBuffer DataBuffer class to pass data.
KeyProvisioningResultCallback Abstract class to handle Knox key provisioning result.
KfaOptions KfaOptions class to set model details.
KnoxAiManager Class to manage Knox model protection.
KnoxAiSession Class to get secure Knox model protection session handle.

NEXT — See Knox SDK for Model Protection deployment for step by step instuctions.

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