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Remote control for work profiles

This feature was deprecated in API level 35 with Knox SDK v3.8.

Before Knox 3.4.1, you could use Knox Remote Control on a fully managed device, but not within a work profile. From 3.4.1 onwards, Samsung has expanded Remote Control to support work profiles as well. This is for devices having Android 10 or higher.

During the creation of a work profile, a check is in place to know if the work profile is Premium — meaning having an active KPE paid license key. Only for Premium work profiles is Remote Control restricted for security reasons. This means that Remote Control is accessible by default in a regular work profile but not in a Premium work profile.


To enable or disable Remote Control in a Premium work profile, use the following API:

API API Description
AdvancedRestrictionPolicy.allowRemoteControl Allows Remote Control in a Premium work profile

To enable Remote Control in a Premium work profile:

EnterpriseKnoxManager ekm = EnterpriseKnoxManager.getInstance(context);

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