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Supporting the new container

In order to support the new container, EMMs will need to do the following:

  1. Update the EMM agent so that it can call both Knox and Android APIs
  2. Update the EMM console to allow IT admins to configure Knox and Android policies on one solution.

To support the new container, EMM agents must leverage Androids method to create a managed profile and device owner. Knox creation methods are not valid for the harmonized solution. Please see the Android EMM guide for details:

Updating the EMM Agent

The EMM agent, as Device Owner or Profile Owner, needs to activate a Knox Platform for Enterprise (KPE) license in order to call Knox APIs.

The harmonized solution supports two KPE License types in commercial deployments:

  • KPE Standard license
  • KPE Premium license.

License Activation

  • A Device or Profile Owner can activate a KPE Standard license and gain access to Standard APIs.
  • A Device or Profile Owner can activate a KPE Premium license and gain access to both Standard and Premium APIs.

The license activation process remains the same in Knox 3.x as in previous versions of Knox.

For the COMP configuration where there is both DO and PO privileges on the device, follow the same license key guidelines as above. However, the package name of the DO and PO must be the same.

KLM License Deactivation and Expiry

As per earlier versions of Knox, a device admin can deactivate the license key.

  • When the license key is deactivated for a Device Owner, the device locks.
  • When the license is deactivated for a Profile Owner, the associated profile is locked.

The IT admin can reactivate a license key in order to continue using Knox.

If a device needs to be repurposed, the IT admin has the following options:

  • A new Profile Owner can either use, or delete, the profile.
  • A new Device Owner can perform a factory reset or the IT admin can perform a factory reset.

Updating the EMM Console

EMM consoles currently provide IT admins with the option to either setup Knox or Android Enterprise on their end users’ devices. IT admins have to pick between Knox or Android configurations.

With harmonization, IT admins no longer have to pick between Android and Knox. They can set up one configuration for their devices which includes policies from both Knox and Android.

Subsequently, the EMM console needs to provide the IT admin with the following options:

  • Set up one configuration and add both Knox and Android policies
  • Upgrade from Android only to Android plus Knox

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