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Knox SDK frequently asked questions — Standard features

  • allowFirmwareRecovery — Enable or disable users from recovering the device firmware update from download mode (ODIN).

  • allowOTAUpgrade — Enable or disable users from using Android Settings to enable OTA upgrades, including firmware, security patches, bug fixes, apps, and so on.

  • setUsbMediaPlayerAvailability — Enable or disable users from using Samsung KIES on a USB-connected computer to upgrade device firmware.

  • allowFirmwareAutoUpdate — If the device firmware is not currently up-to-date, enabling this feature initiates an immediate latest firmware download, but the device user must agree to update before the installation proceeds.

  • setAllowedFOTAVersion — set allowed FOTA version (Enterprise FOTA) that allows for updating. User can not update device to the higher version of administrator set version.

Yes, the API method setApplicationUninstallationDisabled (String packageName) is User Scope’s API, So it can work inside a container as well.

Legacy ELM and KLM keys will work for a limited time. To be up to date, we recommend switching to the Knox Platform for Enterprise key with the Knox SDK as soon as possible.

For more information, see What will happen to existing commercial ELM and KLM license keys.

To use an API, your device must support the SDK version in which the API was implemented or higher.

To check the Knox SDK version that is supported on your device, you can use this API method.

You can find the SDK version from which the API is supported in Javadoc.

For example, the allowDeveloperMode() API method is available since MDM 5.0.

If the value returned on your device is 5.0 or higher, you can successfully use the allowDeveloperMode() API method.

hideStatusBar() will hide/show (true to hide and false to show) the status bar that runs along the top of the screen.

hideSystemBar() is meant for tablets that have a soft navigation bar along the bottom of the screen.

It is recommended not to use hideSystemBar() on the devices that do not have a system bar. This is because, using hideSystemBar(false) on devices that do not have a system bar can interfere with the setting of hideStatusBar().

You cannot block multi-window mode through blacklisting. The reason being it is an application that is already preinstalled on the device firmware, and the blacklisting APIs have no effect on application packages that are already installed.

You must use the API method allowMultiWindowMode(false) to disable multi-window mode.

Yes, Knox E-FOTA service can force to update to a specific version (including latest version). For more detail about E-FOTA service, see the Knox E-FOTA admin guide.

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