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Support libraries for Knox VPN providers

About the new namespace

With the Samsung Knox SDK v3.0 release, all Samsung Knox SDK packages, intents, and permissions use a single namespace: Previously, there were multiple namespaces, including one in the Google domain ( Unifying the namespace simplified coding, troubleshooting, and support, and removed the possibility of future overlaps with Google. As of Knox SDK v3.3, the Knox VPN SDK used by VPN providers is now part of the Knox SDK and uses this new namespace.

About the support libraries

The support libraries let you run an app that uses the new Samsung Knox SDK on a device that is running Knox v2.7 or lower. This is for backwards compatibility, as earlier Knox platforms don’t support the latest Samsung Knox SDK. The libraries declare the new namespace API methods, and translate them to the old namespaces if a device is running an older Knox version that doesn’t support the new namespace. There are two libraries:

  • supportlib.jar — Translates the Knox SDK APIs to the old namespace.
  • knoxvpn_support.aar — Translates only the APIs that were in the Knox VPN SDK.

To migrate from the Knox VPN SDK to Knox SDK

If you want apps using the now-deprecated Knox VPN SDK to run on devices using any Knox platform version, you must compile it with the main Knox SDK library, knoxsdk.jar, as well as the two support libraries.

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