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Knox Customization

Knox Customization APIs allow businesses to customize and deploy end-to-end mobile solutions.

Use the Customization APIs to develop purpose-built devices for vertical markets. For example, you can develop informational kiosks for hospitality, in-flight entertainment systems for airlines, or point-of-sales devices for the retail industry.

For even deeper customization of Samsung devices, Knox Customization Services offer consultation and development assistance to produce unique software for your business and enterprise needs.

Knox Customization policies remain active on your device even after the app is uninstalled. Read the FAQ, for more about how to handle this scenario.

How it works

With the Knox Customization APIs, you can develop an app that seals Samsung Android smart phones. You can present just one or a few key apps and prevent or restrict access to the underlying Android system.

Core features

Use the Knox Customization APIs to control device features such as:

  • ProKiosk Mode — Enable or disable the ProKiosk Mode, which restricts the device to a single app and limits the functionality of the device.
  • Home activity — Set the activity to launch when the home button is pressed in ProKiosk Mode.
  • Hard key — Enable or disable hard key intent reporting in ProKiosk Mode.
  • Animation — Set boot and/or shutdown animations.
  • Status bar — Show or hide individual elements of the status bar, including notifications.
  • Quick panel — Add or remove items from the status bar’s quick panel.
  • [NEW] Power ON/OFF control — Customize automatic power ON/OFF for the devices with the Custom APIs.
  • Android Settings — Enable granular access to nearly all Android settings parameters so that each parameter can be individually activated via the app.
  • Home screen — Add or remove shortcuts and widgets from homescreen.
  • Lock screen — Customize the lock screen shortcuts.
  • Notifications — Suppress system-wide notifications to deliver a clean UX to end users.
  • USB — USBnet wired IP connectivity, dynamically authorize USB accessories, ADB control.
  • Ringtone — Customize the ringtone or notification sound.
  • Bluetooth — Toggle Bluetooth state.
  • Locale — Set system locale.
  • Auto answer incoming calls — Configure and manage auto answer incoming call numbers.
  • Brightness control — Customize the screen brightness level or configure for auto settings.

For complete details about all the supported features and APIs, see the Knox SDK API reference.

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