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Configure NPA reporting


The Knox SDK v3.3 release adds improvements that enable reporting for network sessions that are ongoing or that last for a long time. As a result of this improvement, admins can now gain visibility into network status at one or more of the following network events:

  1. at the beginning of the network session
  2. at the end of the network session
  3. periodically throughout the network session, based on intervals that they configure using their EMM-based NPA tool

Benefits of periodic NPA data collection

This new functionality has the following benefits.

  • Faster threat detection — Currently, NPA data is available to admins only at the beginning or end of a network session. This reporting model, thus, does not provide information about network threats when the network session is in progress. Periodic collection and transmission of NPA data reduces the time it takes for the admin to learn about and take action on threats. Faster threat detection and resolution improves the overall health of the network and results in a better experience for the user.

  • Better insight into network traffic — Users may use the network session for a variety of reasons. Getting better insight into type and duration of the network connections provides admins with valuable data about network use.

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