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DA deprecation and VMware

For the latest info about VMware’s migration from Android’s legacy device admin to Android Enterprise, please consult VMware content such as:

The following information is provided as a courtesy to our valued VMware partners and customers.


  • May 2020

    • VMware announced End of General Support for Device Admin management.
  • To end of October 2020

    • VMware’s Workspace ONE UEM Console continues to support Android Legacy deployments, which use the VMware device client that uses the deprecated device admin.
  • November 1, 2020

    • VMware’s Workspace ONE UEM console will not allow new device admin (Android Legacy) enrollments on devices running Android 10 and higher.

    • New customers (new Workspace ONE environments) must use Android Enterprise. There will be no option to use Android Legacy for new Android deployments.

  • November 2, 2020

    • Google requires all app updates uploaded to Play store to target API level 29, which corresponds to Android 10 (Q).

    • Android deprecates the four essential device admin policies in Android 10 (Q). Apps that call APIs to manage the deprecated policies will throw a security exception error and no longer work.

  • November, 2021

    • Device admin reaches End of General Support with VMware.

    • Devices still using Android Legacy will not be unenrolled. Existing customers will have access to their devices, profiles, and other management capabilities. However, Workspace ONE UEM will no longer guarantee support for any devices currently enrolled using device administrator, or new devices attempting to enroll using device administrator.

Affected VMware policies

Passcode restrictions:

Passcode restrictions

Keyguard restrictions:

Keyguard restrictions

We recommend that you do the following:

  • Block the Android 10 (Q) upgrade to devices until you are ready to upgrade.
  • Upgrade to Android 10 (Q) when ready.

Block Android 10 (Q) upgrade

Block firmware updates on your devices until you are ready to move to the Android Enterprise management model.

You can edit your existing legacy profile or create a new profile:

  1. Select a Configuration Type of Device.

    vmware select device

  2. Click Restrictions.

  3. Clear the check box for Allow OTA Upgrade.

    vmware disable fota

  4. Save and force the devices to check in to receive the updated policy.

  5. Verify that updates are disabled: On one of the devices, go to Settings > System updates and make sure that updates are grayed out:

    vmware fota disabled

Upgrade to Android 10 (Q)

VMware will delay the upgrade of their device client until October 2020, which will allow legacy deployments to work with all DA policies until that time.

You must be ready to migrate to AE by October 2020.

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